Who dis? New phone.

For the past twenty years Bob Doto has been involved in teaching and mentoring. Having started out as both a writing tutor and high school substitute teacher in 2001, Bob quickly realized that both would become an integral part of his life.

Public education systems, punk warehouses, living rooms, online Zoom rooms, and at the college level, Bob’s diverse teaching experience is unparalleled. As a mentor, Bob has worked with writers, spiritual aspirants, yogis, teachers, knowledge workers, and everyone in between looking to make sense of their lives among the chaos.

Bob is also a prolific, published author. Since writing his first spiritual punk rock ‘zine at the age of sixteen, Bob has continued writing and speaking on the intersection of spiritual margins and society. He is a witchy “folk catholic” and the author of the book Sitting with Spirits: Exploring the Unseen Margins of the Christianity. Bob writes a weekly newsletter called “The High Pony,” which covers creativity and productivity from a spiritual and socio-economic perspective. He is the publisher of the anarcho-folkcath ‘zine, Babylon Begone, and teaches many online courses on spirituality and how to get things done.

Bob has also been involved in both the mainstream and online publishing worlds. Between 2005-2010 Bob was the Managing Editor of internationally acclaimed journal of esoteric studies, Parabola magazine. He has been actively blogging since 2001, posting over 500 pieces between 2009–2014. He was the founder of renegade yoga blog, The Babarazzi, and wrote on the margins of spirituality in NYC on his blog Not New York.

Bob is an avid reader, note-taker, and Zettelkasten enthusiast who maintains a daily writing practice, usually working on three or more manuscripts at a time. At this point its anyone’s guess as to how many articles, essays, poems, short stories, screen plays, political screeds and comics he’s published under his own and assumed names.

Bob is also a beliver in the physical body as a necessary (and often overlooked) source of knowledge. He is the owner and director of the Ditmas Park Yoga Society in Brooklyn, where he teaches and practices Ashtanga yoga and Tui Na bodywork. He is also a faculty member at the Pacific College of Health and Science in Manhattan. His books Press Here: Acupressure for Beginners and The Power of Stretching are available from Quarto Press.